Parliament cigarettes

Brand cigarettes Parliament appeared a long time ago, even before the outbreak of the second world war – in 1938. This tobacco stamps were issued (and are) known company Philip Morris. Long Parliament cigarettes were sold exclusively in the North American market, an entrance to the world market in the mid-1970 ‘s. By the way, Parliament became the first American cigarettes sold overseas. This brand is interesting because the percentage of its sales of the total sold in the United States and abroad products is different at times. Parliament cigarettes are quite sharp and pungent taste. Tobacco is used for their manufacturing three kinds: varieties of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos mix. First grade is often referred to as the bright tobacco, because it leaves after drying become shades ranging from golden yellow to bright orange, tobacco varieties Burley usually has a brown color of varying intensity. Oriental tobacco is characterised by a strong aroma, its small leaves are collected manually. Varieties Virginia tobacco is dried with hot air in special premises, therefore it is called tobacco flue-cured, this process takes a week. Varieties of Burley tobacco is dried in the shade outdoors, this process is stretched by two months, causing the leaves to lose almost all sugar and tastes are starting to resemble a cigar tobacco. Oriental tobacco is dried outside under the Sun. Having mixed in certain proportions leaves the tobaccos are bag called “American blend”. In prepared tobacco mix add special ingredients. This is done for two reasons: to make up for the loss of sugars lost during drying tobacco and Burley varieties give the individual taste of each stamp. However, not only a variety of tobacco leaf is the determining factor of manufacturing cigarettes Parliament, as well as many others. Another important point is the type of tobacco leaf, which sorted depending on color, quality and position on the stem. Cigarette filter contains filter element directly and cardboard mouthpiece, to which reference has already been made. Mouthpiece facilitates prior cooling of tobacco smoke, is made for the same purpose and perforation of the tipping paper. Parliament cigarettes also were issuing collections of named reams, a face which was decorated with images of Marilyn Monroe and George w. Bush. Portrait of the actress was decorated with a pack of Parliament Super Slims elongated, picture on packs, President of the United States flaunted Parliament Lights. The whole assortment of cigarettes Parliament includes the following items:

  • Parliament Full Flavor
  • Parliament Menthol
  • Parliament Menthol Lights
  • Parliament Lights 100’s
  • Parliament Ultra Lights
  • Parliament Premium Edition Lights
  • Parliament Lights

These stamps are manufactured in the United States. Cigarettes are produced in Switzerland Parliament, Parliament Lights and Parliament Extra Lights.